Portfolio of Visual Experiements (2010)

Ever since I started college, I was immersing myself in personal projects. There weren’t too many assigned projects that you could *personalize*, and that is mainly why it became very easy for me to work on one personal project after another. Personal work has this incredible taste of self-exploration in it. It’s your project, your rules, your deadlines. It couldn’t possibly get better than this. My visual experiments are my vehicle to another world; a world where imagination has no boundaries.

E c s t a s y

A photo series exploring the effects of Ecstasy. Once again, it’s an attempt to portray the feelings and perception of someone under the influence of drugs, without me actually taking any. There is one classical piece by George Gershwin that really gives feelings of ecstasy and rhapsody “Rhapsody in Blue.” It was in Disney’s Fantasia 2000, which I find pretty trippy personally.

"Ecstasy" and "Rhapsody"


"House of Cards"

“She trod lightly on the glass floor of my dreams…
Yet her presence alone shook my world,
And my House of Cards fell to the ground, card by card.”


"Madame Bigote"

Experimenting with xrays of my sinuses. I was tremendously inspired by Yousef Alshaikh’s (a.k.a The Qine) piece “Lover Redeemer.” You can see more of his work on his blog, “A Visual Experimentalist.”

Shortly after creating this piece, my new Deviant Art avatar was born.


I have always loved to experiment with making things look like something totally different. “Apogee” and “Genesis” are a result of an experiment with a dry leaf.


I took a printmaking course and did a considerable amount of prints. However, something seemed to be missing. The prints needed to be “vandalized.” The prints below were both inspired by MUSE, a British band, dear to my heart because of “Starlight” and “Thoughts of a Dying Atheist.” I loved their songs so much that I named my pet goldfish “Starlight”, thus the goldfish in the first print. The second one is actually a recreation of their album cover.




I have no idea what these are.

"Outcomes of Personal Endeavor"


“We are but particles in this life, carried by a current and pushed by sister particles. The final destination is right before our eyes, but we’re trapped. We can’t reach it. Its pulse seems to be growing stronger, desperate to attract the particles closer… But they all swim away. It seems to be pushing away what it wants most. Taking all of those particles in at once would be too overwhelming. The best option is therefore taking none. These particles would bring so much joy… They would lead The Being to a state of euphoria. But no one wants to be that happy if they think things are eventually going back to what they once were.”

About Soraya

Lazy artist that can write and take pictures. Initiator of Casual Art Talk (2011), Founder of Onqoud (2012) Embracing art and culture!
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3 Responses to Portfolio of Visual Experiements (2010)

  1. Naeema says:

    I loved it! Looking forward to more! Simply amazing!

  2. Doa'a Bugis says:

    WOW mashallah!! I love ur work Soraya =D

    You know I’ve noticed that you get inspired a lot by music!! It’s very interesting.

    Hey the xray one, how exactly did u do it? It’s very inspirational. I’ve been meaning to ask abt it ever since I saw Yousef’s work.

    Anyways, you are an extraordinary artist Soraya. I’m looking forward to be more inspired =D


    • Soraya says:

      Thank you Doa’a, I’m very humbled ^^

      I do get inspired a lot by music. I’m very sensitive by nature, and music just moves me, sometimes to the point that it’s so overwhelming that I have to MAKE something to channel the energy.

      The xray one is so simple, you’ll laugh after I show you the psd file 😀 Will email it to you in a bit 🙂

      Thank you for your great support Doa’a 😀


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