Adventures of a Hippie in a Corporate World – Part 1

Adventures of a Hippie in a Corporate World -Part 1

Location: Miskkommunication (under the umbrella of  Misk Holding for Advertising & Publicity)
Period: July to October 2010
Position: Junior Graphic Designer (and sometimes copywriter)

My first fulltime job. I worked 6 days a week, from 9 to 5 pm, sometimes til 6 (thursday was half a day). I can confidently say that I’ve done more than most fresh graduates during this short period of time. I’m only posting projects that have already been approved and executed. All projects are © Misk Holding for Advertising & Publicity.

Project 1: Misk Holding logo

The client requested a facelift, and an entirely new concept. Since the former logo was created in 1975, I researched the evolution of logos. Brands such as Apple Macintosh, Pepsi, Mercedes went through some very interesting changes. You can see all the logos in “20 Corporate Brand Logo Evolution”. You will laugh your head off at Apple’s first logo… After studying the evolution, I concluded that in this very competitive market, every brand needs a very strong logo that is easy to remember; a symbol more specifically. That was my approach.

Logo Study

Option 1- Speech Bubble Concept

Variations of the same concept

The plan was to keep Misk Holding, but create a new agency under its umbrella: Miskkommunication. There needed to be a relationship between the two in my opinion.

Adaptation for Miskkommunication's Logo

A symbol that would be memorable

However, the CEO did not want such drastic changes, and they wanted to see more options for Miskkommunication.

Behold, Misk's face-lifted logo

And tried different concepts for Miskkommunication, and a variation from the 1st speech bubble concept.

'No Signal' with speech bubble concept, proposed by the client

'Broken Cord' approach

The client chose the ‘No Signal’ and speech bubble option. The logo was finalized by another designer, Mr. Reehan Abubaker.

Final Logo

Project 2: SEDRA Ramadan Imsakiyah (Prayer timings)

Masoud Corp., founded by Ahmed Masoud, has many companies under its umbrella, and SEDRA is one of them. We created this to raise brand awareness.

Project 3: Ultimate Power Gym, Ramadan Campaign

Ultimate Power Gym wanted to raise brand awareness and increase sales during Ramadan. We always propose 3 different artworks with different concepts. The client chose this one. The deliverables were a flyer, poster and roll up banner. The concept was, “Time won’t allow you? Burn 400 cal./hour”



Roll up

Project 4: Salma Redwan PR Event

Salma Redwan is an upcoming Saudi designer that is specialized in “Ready to Wear” fashion. We wanted to promote Salma’s designs by creating an event inspired by her summer collection theme, “Le Jardin.” (The Garden)

The theme was a garden tea party, and it was held in Baccarat, one of the boutiques where Salma’s clothing line is exhibited. Miskkommunication coordinated with media representatives, and Teayana to create an unforgettable experience.

“Salma Redwan… Your Cup of Tea.” is in the gift card attached to each guest’s tea cup.

The poem was written by Yousef Alshaikh and myself

“This Party is Freshly Brewed for You and Me”
In the summer, a crowd shall gather,
And they shall lounge in aromas of tea.
These wonderful moments, and coutured enjoyments,
Are definitely where you want to be.
A cup of flowers with your evening tea.
Please accept my offer, oh trendy fashion lover;
This party is freshly brewed for you and me.

Project 5: Sayadiyah Express Eid Campaign

This concept shows a 500 riyal bill with a small chunk bitten off it. Worried about your Eid budget? Order from Sayadiyah. Deliverables were a flyer, roll up banner, danglers, and t-shirts. The back shows Maqly Express meal, which is for 13 riyals only. We put a lot of emphasis on number “13”

Flyer front and back

Roll up


Shirt 1

Shirt 2

The End

Where to next?

About Soraya

Lazy artist that can write and take pictures. Initiator of Casual Art Talk (2011), Founder of Onqoud (2012) Embracing art and culture!
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