Weekly Love – 4

Weekly Love


Inspirational Music Video


Following: Art Biz Blog

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All the important tips artists need to make money. We really need such a blog by a local curator. Experienced people should really start sharing more. “I have loads of experience working with collectors as well as the general art-viewing public. That means that I know how people interact with art, how they approach it, what they fear, and how we can educate them and alleviate their fears.” – Alyson B Stanfield

Recommending: Voila

Located in Millenium Center on Tahlia st., Voila is a chocolaterie and lounge. They have another branch in Stars Avenue, but it’s for products only.  The first time I went there was for my birthday in September, and my jaw dropped when I saw all the chocolate sculptures on display. Although a bit expensive (108 riyals for a box of ganache, 24 pcs), but it’s totally worth it. I literally get my fix from those two heavenly squares. My favorites are passionfruit and vanilla, because I love how the fruity taste zaps all my senses, to be soothed gently by a piece of vanilla ganache. The ingredients are imported, but the chocolates are handmade right here in Jeddah. After sampling some chocolates downstairs, you must go to the lounge on the 2nd floor. I truly appreciate the effort put into every detail, from the interior design, to the music. The prices are very reasonable considering the quality and service. I’ve tried the chicken with lemongrass and pineapple (hope I remember correctly), and the chicken was so juicy that I had to ask him whether it was really a chicken breast. As for dessert, I ordered a fondant (38 riyals) last thursday, and the melted chocolate was absolutely orgasmic. If you love chocolate, you know what I mean. They bring it in this thing where there’s a candle heating it. You might wanna let it warm up before drinking… or dipping, whichever you prefer! Very few pieces of fruits and marshmallows though, so take your time and savor every bite. So, if your anniversary’s coming up, and khaleeji music and sheeshah aren’t that important, then Voila’s your place.



LOL-ing at: Lovesac flyer

lovesac.com is not a dirty website


Doodling at: Arabnet Roadshow, Dec 11

I attended, I kind of listened, I definitely doodled. The speakers I benefited from the most were those who shared their personal experience and the challenges they faced when starting their businesses. Those with Powerpoint slides that were crammed with statistics only made my energy level and attention span drop by 15%.

Kaswara Al-Khateeb, founder of FullStop, an award winning local advertising agency


Omar Christides, founder of Arabnet

The venue (A huge conference hall in Abdul Latif Jameel HQ) was pretty interesting actually. There was a bizarre contrast between the Islamic patterns on the walls, the contemporary abstract paintings, and the weird carpet with floral patterns. My friend Nada took the liberty to go around and ignore the rest of the crowd as they waited in lines to consult with the experts.

"Toppled City" by Chaouki Chamoun

Detail from "Toppled City"

Photo by Nada ^^

When Nada had to leave, I had to “go.” I found that the bathroom was an excellent place for me to get my thoughts together and get away from the crowd. I took my abaya off, and sat on the counter and stayed there for over half an hour. These are the notes and doodles during the presentations and from my new cave.



My phone rings and I pick up. It’s my friend Mennah telling me to get out of the bathroom before they lock me in. I went out to see that everyone was already outside and that the event was over before 10.30 pm. Time to go!

Featuring: Jérémy Clapin

Independent animator and illustrator, Jeremy truly captivates his audience with his brilliant shorts. I came across Clapin’s work and many other French animations on Short of the Week, which provides never ending inspiration.  In 2004, his animation “Une Histoire Vertebrale” was featured at many international festivals. Check it out. There’s no dialogue so you don’t need subtitles.

In 2008, he finished working on his masterpiece, a short titled “Skhizein.” A mind boggling piece that many of us can relate to in terms of the constant search for that something we can’t quite put our finger on.

and supporting: Khalda Tourki

Khalda and I were in the same batch together in college. I’ve always admired how she welcomed my critiques and even asked for them, which a lot of students were actually afraid of. I don’t know how to complement people. I just say what’s there. Below are two of my favorite photos by Khalda. The photo on the left is part of her senior project. I’m absolutely in love with the composition and lighting, and the black and white contribute to portraying the nostalgia.

My senior project reflects a social problem that most of the Saudi society has in its families. The problem is, usually in the family the father leaves the responsibility of raising the children to the mother and the mother also leaves it for  the maid or nanny. The outcome is a child who lost his language, values, culture, etc. That is why I tried to reach these people with a series of photos that will keep them with their children and remind them how precious they are to them. So it is like a wake up call to let them raise their children themselves.” – Khalda Tourki

I would like to add a note to Khalda’s statement: she is not blaming the nannies for the loss of language, values and culture. It is about being there with your children as they grow up, and monitoring what they watch, knowing who their friends are, etc.

About Soraya

Lazy artist that can write and take pictures. Initiator of Casual Art Talk (2011), Founder of Onqoud (2012) Embracing art and culture!
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