Wet Activism

[ This is not a naughty article ]


It’s very interesting how intimidating a date can be. Ever looked at a date and shuddered? January 26th, 2011 is one of those dates. It was the playback of a disastrous day where many lost their homes, cars, and loved ones. That day was 25.11.2009. I grew up in Riyadh and I never had to fear rain until I moved to Jeddah. The first storm we witnessed was in 2006. My mom slipped and broke her leg. We couldn’t blame anyone for this, could we? It happened in the safety of our home. But what about when a disaster like the Nov ’09 one repeats itself? Have the people responsible learned anything? Have they attempted to fix it? The only improvement I’ve seen this year is that the rescue teams were ready.

But I am not writing this post to talk about the ugliness of the situation, even though I was worried sick about my diabetic dad who was stuck in his car for hours last night. He made it home, thank God, but many people haven’t made it home yet. I pray that God will keep them safe and bring them home to their families soon. I am writing this because the activism of the artists mentioned below is truly admirable. This post highlights the instantaneous response of artists to issues in their country. As Ezra Pound said, “Artists are the antennae of the race.”

We, the artists of  Saudi Arabia, demand to be taken seriously, for the greater good of the race.

1. Abdullah Bogis

2. Husam Al Sayed

Video was aired on CNN!!

3. Yousef Alshaikh

4. Saad Bin Mohammad

“A Witness Who Never Forgot”, a mixed media piece Saad worked on after volunteering in Nov ’09. It is currently on display at Athr Gallery until February 15th. I love the notes he’s been posting on Facebook.

يا ملك كيف الوضع عندك ، أكيد سمعت أنو شعب مصر سوا زي شعب تونس ،، وأنت كريم وهما يستإهلو ارسلهم كم مليون عشان يضبطو وضعهم زي ما أكرمت أهل تونس بكرمك السخي ،، وبالنسبة لجدة لا تشيل هم >:/ كلها كم حالة غرق على حالة وفاة على سيارات تغرق وبيوت تدمر وأهالي معلقين في الشوارع والدوامات وناس محبوسة في بيوتهاو يدها على قلبها والكهرباء مقطوعه خائفين من الالتماس و أسواق بتنحرق وغير الأطفال اللي في المدارس انحبسو . بس لا تشيل هم أهم شيء انت بخير وكرمك وللدول مالها حدود ، دام عزك ملكنا

Photo © Design Magazine. Click on image to see full spread

5. Ghada Al Shemaimry

Now what have I been up to?

Ever wondered what a raindrop is made of?

How can you make something as beautiful as rain

so ugly?

Jeddah 26.01.2011 will remain on the blog to raise awareness.


We mustn’t of course forget the efforts of  Young Initiative Group.

Please join the Facebook group and follow YIG on Twitter for updates. I understand some information is in Arabic, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

“If you wanna volunteer in helping people affected by the rain please fill in this form so we can contact you incase there is an emergency:



CALL #026651551 if you are stuck, and they’ll send a helicopter for your rescue.

God bless you,
Maha Taher”

[ If you just want to get angry and depressed and inspired, please click hereIf you would like to know what to do in case of a flood, please click here. ]

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  1. Great post!
    & thanks for featuring my cartoon.

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