Interview with Prince Khaled Al-Faisal

My translation skills aren’t so great that I can give you a full and detailed transcript of the interview, but here are some highlights:

  • Prince Khaled: Less than 10% of Jeddah has a drainage system, which is old and is probably not 100% efficient
  • Floods were not taken into consideration nor anticipated
  • Traffic and road conditions made it difficult for Civil Defense to move from one area to another, which is why helicopters were used.

[At 00:06:38, the woman is nodding. I wonder what she’s really thinking…]

  • Fatalities: 10 | Missing people: 5, only 1 was found | Injuries: 4 | Rescued: 497 by helicopter, and 2580 by boats and cars | 86000 people lost electricity and most got it back the next night and I think they all got their electricity back by now | 16,790 people have been given shelter | […] more than 25,000 buildings damaged

Am I the only one having trouble believing that only 10 died and 4 injured?! I honestly stopped listening there, because refusing to acknowledge that more people died is a serious matter. I can’t even take this interview seriously.

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