One Response to Al Marai: Where art thy cow?

  1. rayan says:

    Soraya, you genuinely made me laugh, and so did your mom allah i7fazha

    You’re right. If you thik about it,the saudi people have grown up with so many cows, it just seems criminal to take them away. You have the Al maraa’i cow, the “7alawa bagara” cow, The Three cow cheese “jubnat talata bagarat” and last but not least the lurpack spoiled brat. I’m afraid your and my generation might suffer from seperation anxiety really soon. I might even consider specializing in psychiatry because of it….

    Your mom’s words were cute to say the least lol, and I had almost the same notes as you did the first time i noticed the change.

    To answer the Q: I’m emotionally and tastefully attatched to starbux, but it’s too late for me to hope they dont change, cuz they already did. Locally, I guess i’d have to say something like “Goody” or “Halawani ikhwan”, eventhough I think both their logos are fugly !

    Good read as usual Soraya !

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