“Women Appreciation Month” with Femi9

These past couple of weeks have been my busiest since I quit my job in October. I’m definitely enjoying being productive, but I’m still learning how to deal with the anxiety that comes with deadlines.

I’ve been exploring filming lately. However, I think people still don’t get what it means to be ‘exploring a field.’ I never called myself a director, even though I’ve worked on a couple of videos. Those I’ve met lately insisted on calling me a director, and I honestly don’t want to call myself that at this point because it’s not a title I’ve earned yet. These couple of weeks, I learned that it is about who you know and what they know about you. I guess those who know me have figured out that I work with different media.

I shot another video for a different cause, which I’ll be sharing with you soon. But for now, I hope you find this inspiring. The speakers in this video are Yara Hejazi, founder of Youth in Depth, and Rania Al-Harith, founder of Benefit Arabia, and yours truly!

Thank you Femi9 and Mr. Said Baaghil for this opportunity! And many thanks to FAD Intl’ staff for taking care of me when I fell on your stairs! 🙂 In a way, that really did make me feel appreciated. I truly love the consistency. An important lesson in marketing that I learned from “Selling the Invisible”STUDY YOUR POINTS OF CONTACT. Femi9 chose FAD for a reason, and now I know why. Their points of contact were excellent, on the phone, during the shoot, and after my fall.

Celebrate ORANGE DAY with Femi9 on April 17th and 18th!

About Soraya

Lazy artist that can write and take pictures. Initiator of Casual Art Talk (2011), Founder of Onqoud (2012) Embracing art and culture!
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