“From Egypt with Love” : A Modern Art Exhibition

“[…] Athr Gallery has partnered with Ward Culture and Art Center, based in Cairo, […] to present “Egypt with Love”, a group show consisting of 13 Egyptian artists active in the modern art scene today.” – Athr Gallery

 Abdel Hady el Wichahi
Ahmad Atef 
 Adel El Siwi 
Ahmed Askalani 
Britt Butros Ghali 
Essam Maarouf 
Khalid Hafiz
Mohamed Abla 
Mohammad Radwan 
Mohamed Talaat 
Shaymaa Aziz
Sobhi Guergues 
Walid Taher

I was very happy to see an exhibition that combines amazing talents from a country that I love very much. I do not love Egypt because I have the nationality; I love Egypt because of its rich culture and people’s appreciation for art.
When I see such incredible work, I make sure to invest my time in taking good photographs of it. Below are photos of most of the artwork exhibited- more specifically, work that has blown my mind away.

"1st Temple of Flight" series by Khalid Hafiz

 The name Khalid Hafiz sounded awfully familiar. It was only moments later when I remembered that I’d seen him at Hamdi Attia’s exhibition in Cairo last year. It was indeed very enlightening listening to him during the artist talk. It was the first time I hear of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard’s “Simulacra and Simulation”, and that alone was enough to impress me. It was great seeing Khalid’s work in person while listening to Mr. Hamza Serafi’s explanation in the background. 

By Mohammed Talaat

I really loved Mohammed Talaat’s work. I can’t quire explain what it was that grabbed me in his paintings. I loved how even though he stuck to a certain palette, he was still able to communicate very strong emotions. Black was a very important part of these compositions, but it is not overpowering. This body of work will definitely be stuck in my mind for a while.

"Bird Watcher + Crane" by Adel El Siwi

"Fable of Monkey and the Deer" by Adel El Siwi

Adel El Siwi is one of those artists that made me feel like I’ve been living under a rock. A book of his work was on the table, and as I flipped through, I became more and more intrigued. He’s definitely got a very juicy brain that I’d love to have for breakfast (P.S: I am not a canibal).

"Untitled" by Britt Bouttros Ghali

Of all the paintings by Britt, I found this the most captivating. There’s something about the red hair and the eyes that make the woman in this portrait a character I would really love to meet. The hair and the long neck give her a status higher than all the portraits in this exhibition.

By Essam Maarouf

This portrait by Essam Maarouf sends chills down my spine. I loved his ghastly portraits, and for some reason, this one was my favorite. Perhaps it is the childish face combined with the haunting eyes. It was rather difficult photographing and editing because of the very subtle details.

"Lines" by Mohamed Radwan

A sculpture is not only the object itself- it is also the space around it. What kind of energy does each sculpture give? And how does your perspective differ as you go around it?

"Donkey" by Mohamed Radwan

By Ahmed Askalani

By Ahmed Askalani

Last but not least,  Walid Taher’s dynamic mixed media pieces have won my heart as well. I would really like to see them as postcards.

By Walid Taher

Thank you Athr Gallery for sharing such wonderful art with the public. I hope to see many more international exhibitions in the future.

About Soraya

Lazy artist that can write and take pictures. Initiator of Casual Art Talk (2011), Founder of Onqoud (2012) Embracing art and culture!
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