Body. Soul. Mind

Three things we were given when we came into this world. Three things we constantly need to take care of. Today’s obsession with image has compelled most of us to diet and work out. But where is the spirituality in all of this? Why is it so neglected? Does peace of mind exist, or is it a state that only a few will be able to acquire?

In the struggle with self image, we tend to neglect what’s “inside.” Why are you not happy with your physique? If you’re doing something about it, why are you, and who are you doing it for?

I recently got an MRI. It was uncomfortable to lay there for 45 minutes, but what was more uncomfortable was seeing the images. It was very difficult for me to swallow that all of this ugliness was in fact a part of me. A part of us all. It reminded me of Buddhist teachings I came across a couple of months ago, “about impermanence and the unsavory aspects of the human body that lie beneath an attractive exterior.” (Destructive Emotions and How We Can Overcome Them – Daniel Goleman. Page 18, Paragraph 6) Meaning? Without the skin, the exterior, we are but bloody flesh and organs.

The body is mortal. The soul however is a part of us that will last forever, and it should be given the same attention you give your body, if not more.

Alive, body, mind, and soul are one. The body is tangible, the mind somewhat forthright, and the soul… imponderable. But, you could listen. Listen, and you will hear the faint sounds of its breath.

About Soraya

Lazy artist that can write and take pictures. Initiator of Casual Art Talk (2011), Founder of Onqoud (2012) Embracing art and culture!
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