It has been a very long time since I have taken the time to write a post. My last proper post was literally 5 months ago, and I sincerely apologize for that.

In September, I was fortunate to be one of those selected for KAUST’s “Shu3lat Mubadara” which was the 1st stage of their VentureLab program for new ventures / startups. The 1st week was 5 days of amazing workshops with Steven Gold, a faculty member in the Entrepreneurship Division at Babson College. We all got copies of his book “Entrepreneur’s Notebook: Practical Advice for Starting a New Business Venture”, which I strongly recommend to anyone that is planning to start a business or already has a business.

On November 18, all teams presented, and my team introduced Onqoud to the guests, judges, and investors. Onqoud is the 1st incubator for creatives in Saudi Arabia, and our team is very honored to be part of this movement.

November 18 at Start Up Showcase, KAUST

November 18 at Start Up Showcase, KAUST

If you are a creative and freelancing or own a creative company / agency / studio in Saudi Arabia, sign up here for the 3 month FREE trial and join the creative network! You will automatically be added to our database and will receive notifications for our future events in your city!

For information and inquiries, please don’t hesitate to email info@onqoud.com
You can also stalk us on Twitter and Facebook

Big thanks to Ahmed Zawawi, Mariam Hamidaddin, Mozn Hamidaddin, and Yousef Alshaikh for their hard work and support, and our mentor Soraka El Khatib.
Thank you Anggi Makki and Najla Al Bassam for being our guests at the final presentation and taking the time to show your support.

About Soraya

Lazy artist that can write and take pictures. Initiator of Casual Art Talk (2011), Founder of Onqoud (2012) Embracing art and culture!
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