A Love Affair Begins

I am a graphic designer, experimental and multimedia artist, photographer and writer. After 3 years and a half of studying graphic design, we were asked to design a portfolio. Looking back, how could I have started designing a portfolio without knowing who I am first? In the past 6 months, I discovered myself, not only as an individual, but as an artist as well. I discovered that I wasn’t entirely an artist, nor entirely a designer.

The book was not a graphic designer’s portfolio, nor an artist’s portfolio, nor a biography. ‘Aren’t graphic designers artists?’ is a question to which its answer continues to be debated by many. I say, yes, they are artists. However, nowadays, a graphic designer is a cyborg; an individual that can produce and produce and produce like a ruthless machine. Or at least that is what they are expected to be like. Graphic designers don’t need to have a life outside their careers. They don’t need to spend time with their families because their coworkers become their family.

Artists on the other hand are inspired by LIFE. The image below is an elaborative illustration of the current situation from my perception.


Showing the difference between being a designer, and being an artist (May 2010)

I graduated with a BA in Graphic Design. I had to have a graphic designer’s portfolio, not an artist’s, or a writer’s biography. The book may not have said everything that needed to be said about me, but hopefully, now that I KNOW, this blog WILL.

– Soraya A. Darwish

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