Mostly Visible Exhibition | عمود نور

Monday February 25 will be the opening of an unprecedented exhibition: “MOSTLY VISIBLE | عمود نور” organized by ATHR GALLERY and curated by artist ASHRAF FAYADH.


“MOSTLY VISIBLE is an introductory event of a new vision for art, a local and genuine expression of real life in Saudi Arabia, derives from the source that culture started to be formed, organized by the leading contemporary Saudi art gallery (Athr Gallery), and Curated by Artist Ashraf Fayadh,”

“We live in one country. The fabric consists of geographically and culturally variable cities; we come from different backgrounds, tell our stories, while trying to achieve the best vision that will enable us to understand our reality […] we use the energy that we derive from our heritage, our culture, our own social and we took with the changes of our times.

Art is seeing things into different vision, note things from the point of view of the artist, comment, criticism, or even sympathizing with them as they are very spontaneous… But sufficient to draw attention, art was more streamlined and practical reality, and still carries a variety of deeper and closer to the culture of the Assembly, closer to the truth as it is, we try to simply make things visible always, in our own way, our language, and our vision for the future.” ASHRAF FAYADH, curator.

“25 Artists from all around the Kingdom, different generations, different points of view, in a simple way, art comes from real life. This is what the artists are shedding the light on: the issues that can be shared with most.”

The participating artists are, in random order:

Ibrahim Abumsmar
Ahmed Mater
Arwa Alnami
Ashraf Fayad
Ayman Yossri Daydban
Khalid Oraij
Dana Awartani
Rashed Alshashai
Ramy Alqthamy
Ramlaa Alhalal
Sarah Abu Abdallah
Seema Al-Abdulhai
Shaheen Abumsmar
Saddiek Wasill
Tarfa Al Saud
Abdullah Alothman
Abdulkareem qassim
Abdulaziz Mahdi
Abdulnasser Gharem
Majid Althobaity
Mahmoud Naseem
Musaed Alhulis
Nasser Alsalem
Nora Alissa
Nouf Alhimiary
Heba Abed


“No Smoking” by Nasser Al Salem


“Stand”, performance art by Ayman Yosri Daydban


“Photoshop” by Ahmed Mater, video art


About Soraya

Lazy artist that can write and take pictures. Initiator of Casual Art Talk (2011), Founder of Onqoud (2012) Embracing art and culture!
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